Casual Shirts

Casual Shirts

Casual Shirts

We all like a nice relaxing day sometimes – and we’ve got you covered for those moments too. Casual yet smart, our plain weave fabrics are a simple luxury. For those who prefer a sporty style, we offer a range of models for casual shirts featuring woven plaid, gingham, stripes and wide stripes, or even plain, enriched in some cases by inserts of contrasting fabric. The shirts proposed by our style advisors are fully made to measure, with regard to the fabrics, collars, cuffs, buttons and fitting.

WHat all can you customise?

You’re in full control when it comes to tailored shirts. Choose from a wide range of fabrics and colours, contrast them as you like. Pick yourself a unique collar and cuff style, express yourself with the dance of threads.

Casual surely doesn't mean ordinary

It is the comfort of your daily apparel, that not only impacts your appearance but also the state of mind. A sharp look helps you stay sharp all day long. 

if you are investing in something already, you should invest in high quality fabric and a perfect fit. Choose your favorite styles, without compromising on the colors. A tailored shirt tells people more about you, than you do yourself!

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