Wedding Services

Wedding Services

Wedding Services

Concierge, Personal Assistant, Honorary Groomsman..However you choose to describe it, the essence is that there is no limitation to the scope of the role.

Our wedding services will be there, every step of the way, from working together to curate your perfect set of wedding clothes, to dress fittings for every event.

We know balancing your work and wedding is a hassle and takes a lot of time and stress. Sometimes, you just need someone who can arrange your wedding outfits and Moosajee Lookmanjee does all that for you.

How should you feel on your big day?

Like a king! You should feel like royalty surrounded by your loved ones. You should look more magnificent than the grandeur of the most important celebration of the year.

How can we help?

Everyone wants to look their best at weddings, and why not? Everyone should look and feel great at your big day. This is why our advisors will guide you throughout the process, making every decision easier for all of you.

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