The Process

The Process

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1 Schedule an appointment with our advisor. A visit paid by our representative to your office will help you avoid the adversity of traffic along with a compromised selection of cloth, stitch and fitting, along with the joy of saving time.


2 Expert in understanding the curves and molds of a body, our advisors are skilled in body measurements. Utmost attention is paid to your measurements to deliver an impeccable fit.


3 Our team will take you on a journey of textures. With a range of vivid colors and cloth samples, you will have the liberty to customize as per your desire. 


4 The dance of threads amongst the weaves of a cloth is closely and carefully choreographed at our stitching department. The movements of the scissors are measured by the inches to give you a satisfactory fit.


5 Immaculately tailored to your fit, your product gets ready and delivered in 10-12 working days. Because perfection demands focus and time.

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